Saturday, May 3, 2014 @ 9:31 AM
Cameron University Football Stadium

Dude, bring your BFF and get your raddest kicks out! The totally wicked 80’s themed Technicolor 5K Run features righteous tunes and like, a bunch of bodacious party stations throughout the 3.1 mile course. You be buggin’ if you don’t wear yor fave 80’s threads and a white tee shirt, cause at each of those fantabulous party stops we will splash gnarly colors all over ‘em!  The event will be grody to the max with bursts of color powder.  You can’t be legit without bookin’ it to this bombdigity LIVE and in TECHNICOLOR event!

There is no formal timing system—take your time and enjoy the event at your leisure. This is sure to be one of the baddest events ever for students, families, mallrats, valley girls and anyone who loves to have a great time while walking, running or moonwalking your way to the Finish Line where the final party takes place.


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